Have a great product but not sure how to get it to market? You know it’s a winner but no one has heard of it? Our management team has over 25 years of product launch and channel strategy experience. Let us help develop a 360 degree strategy tailored to your needs.

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The success of an item or idea comes from being able to offer something that fulfills a need that is truly unique. A crucial step in being successful comes with understanding the competitive landscape to determine where your product will fit within it. A third party gives a true, honest opinion of how consumers will view you against your competition. With a real time pulse on today’s marketplace, our analysts can help you perform this critical step in the launch process.


One word that encompasses so many critical elements for success: planning, pricing, product mix, promotion, advertising, social media, etc. Do you know where you need to invest your marketing dollars? Our team will help guide you through this complex and ever changing labyrinth of options.

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Our services encompass both structural and creative design direction as well as execution. Does your package need to be reworked to fit a new retailer? Are you launching a new product line to a different segment of the market and need a totally new look? Let us be your fresh set of eyes.


How do you create that traffic stopping moment in your store? Just having product on your shelves is not enough. The retail experience is everything in today’s competitive environment. You have to WOW the customer to get them in your store. We can aid you in creating an environment that encourages them to stop, play and explore!

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Are you entering into a new marketplace? Do you need guidance on what your points of distribution should be? Do you have a clear understanding of where you want to go, but can’t get your foot in the door? Let our sales executives help, as they utilize their years of experience to guide you through the process.


Our product category expertise lies within the cosmetic, accessory and fragrance industries. We take a holistic approach to product development to ensure the critical components are achieved in your product; the product functionally works well; it is designed beautifully; it meets the current market trends and can be produced at an affordable price point. Whether you are looking for an individual item or full private label assortment, our category experts can help you.

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Knowing who to go to and for what is always an important factor in getting your products manufactured. What’s your best choice – domestic or international resources? Maybe both? Where will you convert your raw materials to finish goods? How can you address your client’s customization needs?


Do you know how to ship internationally? Do you understand retailer shipping requirements? Are you familiar with all required documents and paperwork, when selling your product to retailers? Small mistakes at this stage of the sale cycle can eat up all of your profit margin. Let us help you navigate through the maze of details.

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