As a brand, you often have to look outside of your internal capabilities to help with many aspects of your business. Your retail partners often ask you to help promote your products within their marketing calendar and you need a source for a unique item to partner with your hero item. You have a vision for your product development, but need help in procuring your primary and secondary packaging to complete the brand look. A new creative team member has developed a multitude of programs that require beautiful bags for each season… you need a source. You manage developing your color program in house, but want to compliment your current offering with accessories and tools, so you need a source. We are your source!

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Most brands have a great in house design department and this is part of the cornerstone of their brand. However, there are times when you may need some added assistance. Your team could be overwhelmed with the day to day deliverables and you need some help with new initiatives. Your wheelhouse is individual product packaging design, but your team is not well versed in creating gift and sample programs. Your management has asked you to come back with a totally new brand identify by next quarter, and you need a fresh set of eyes. Whether it is one standalone project or a collaboration with your full brand team, we are nimble and able to provide you with assistance.


You might have the best products on earth, but if your packaging does not make them stand out and convey the essence of your brand, you may be missing sales. We offer full service design and production for your current line and your products in development. While we can produce primary packaging, our strength lies in total turnkey or secondary packaging. We pride ourselves on focusing on magic and practicality simultaneously, with all of our packaging projects. Delivering consistency, on time, on brand and within budget is only the beginning. We also recognize that sometimes you have to move fast to meet a product launch or marketing calendar!!! Each brand is unique, so reach out to us to discuss your packaging needs.

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We offer a host of assembly services for all but food grade or products that have toxic grade classifications.  No job is too small or too big.  Some brands have used us for something as simple as re-barcoding product that came in incorrectly to the states, to as complex as building free standing display units filled with completed product packed to spec for a warehouse club. If you find you are in need of one time assistance for a specific project or interested in learning about how we can help you with on going assembly needs, please contact us.


Our facilities offer solutions for receiving, storing and shipping goods throughout North America. We are fully EDI capable and seasoned in shipping to most major retailers in the US.

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We offer two levels of distribution services. Our Tier 1 service is strictly operational. We can handle all of the logistics of receiving, storing and shipping your goods for you throughout the contiguous United States. Our Tier 2 service is much more comprehensive and includes us managing the actual sales and marketing of your product within North America. If you are in search of a distribution partner in this region of the world, contact us so that we can discuss your needs.